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Liz Seidel teaches practices that are rooted in modern physics, laws that have been proven by the greats of modern science, including Einstein himself, and time-tested by indigenous populations since before the dawn of time. In sum: Everything is made of energy, from the smallest molecule to the tallest tree. Energy and matter are versions of each other. Matter is made of vibration and light.  The molecules and atomic particles that comprise all matter, including our bodies, are constantly in motion.  So, if we want to change ourselves and our world, then we must change the frequencies of the vibration that comprise the matter.  Sounds rather simple, yet it’s a fact that most of us fail to realize; the very cause of our individual and collective suffering is an energetic imbalance. Liz Seidel teaches how to bring our energies back into a harmonious balance and as a result operate at a higher frequency, one that is in tune with the world each of us wants to create.


Integrating techniques from the sacred medicine ways of the Q’ero and the Machi, the female shamans of the Chilean Mapuche, Liz teaches students how to free stuck energy, bringing consciousness to the unconscious. She helps heal past trauma, freeing up energy for the future, releasing energy for creation. She teaches students how to clear the rubble that’s blocking their paths so that each one can boldly step into the lives they want. For most of us, as well as for the world at large, it’s archetypal feminine energy that needs to be restored and unblocked. This feminine energy is our right brain, the place of creation, intuition, our heart’s desire. It’s the place of feeling and knowing, trusting and nurturing. It is the energy of Pachamama, Mother Earth, the energy of nature. Liz helps students reconnect with this feminine energy of the natural world. Restoring this connection helps students remember that all they need they already have.

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In addition to working with students at the energetic level, Liz’s multi-faceted approach includes mind and awareness work. Drawing on principles of neuroplasticity (The brain’s ability to change in response to new experiences, information or changes in the environment), she helps inspire shifts in perspective and the creation of new personal narratives. As she says, “what you feed grows,” so Liz encourages students to identify and feed what they want to bring into being.


So, why should anyone listen to Liz? Because she’s living proof that what she’s teaching works. After 15 years as a successful on-air morning radio personality, she experienced a debilitating disability that left her barely able to walk. Led to Shamanic Energy Medicine out of desperation after all else failed, within one year she was climbing Mt. Ausangate in Peru, one of the tallest mountains in the world. She’s been working with the medicine people of Peru both the Q’ero of the high Andes and the Kallahuayas of the Lake Titicaca region ever since. And most recently Liz was initiated into the lineage of the Mapuche Shamans of Chile. She is forever dedicated to serving and guiding others on their journey of personal healing, growth, and empowerment.